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  > Comprehensive & Education Resources          
  > Mechanics                    
  > Properties of Matter              
  > Heat & Thermodynamics          
  > Waves & Sound                  
  > Light & Optics                  
  > Electricity & Magnetism          
  > Atomic & Nuclear                
  > Relativity, Astronomy & Cosmology          
  > Mathematics & Computers          
  > Physics in History                
  Comprehensive & Education Resources  
    Reference Sites                
      Eric Weisstein's World of Physics (encyclopedia)          
      Physics Factbook (factbook)          
      Physics Hypertextbook (by Glenn Elert)          
      Physics at Wikipedia (free multi-language online encyclopedia)      
    From Other Schools and Individuals          
      Interactive Physics          
        Colorado - Univ of CO @ Boulder, Interactive Physics (easy lectures online)      
        Edinburgh, Univ of, Physics Dept - Vibrations & Waves Applets      
        Falstad - Math & Physics Applets designed by Paul Falstad (fantastic!)      
        Michigan Tech Physics Dept (tons of stuff!)          
        Tennessee Univ, Phys/Astro Dept - How Things Work (animated GIFs)      
        Interactive Engineer HAMLET Project (USE WITH CARE)      
    For Physics Teachers          
      Reference Sites              
        The Physics Teacher's Index (tons of stuff!)          
        Teacher Resources (Math Forum - Drexel Univ)          
        Teacher Exchange (Math Forum - Drexel Univ)          
      Bad Science                
        Recurring Science Misconceptions in K-6 Textbooks      
    General Mechanics References          
      "The Mechanical Universe" (the complete 52 episode series online, free with registration)  
      Mechanics Resources (Physics Hypertextbook)          
    Games & Sports              
      Pool & Billiards              
        The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards (excellent movies!)      
      Martial Arts                
        The Judo Information Site (movies!)          
      Ground-based (cars, trucks, hovercraft, motorcycles, bikes, skates, etc.)  
        The RIOT Wheel (Burning Man's single-wheel vehicle) (Thanks Karin Olson!)      
        Pursuing the Land Speed Record          
      Water-based (boats, subs, hydrofoils, skis, etc.)      
      Air-based (jets, prop-planes, helicopters, gliders, rockets, etc.)    
      Space-based (rockets, satellites, star-ships, probes, etc.)      
    Translational (Linear) Motion & Kinematics        
      Momentum & Impulse (Δp) (Δp)          
        from the Soundtrack:          
          "Who Put The Bomp" by Barry Mann          
    Rotational Motion              
      Kinematics of Angular Motion          
        Linear to Angular Motion "Cheat" Sheet (Word doc)      
        Self-Balancing Machines          
          Segway Scooters (Solid State Gyros)          
            Segway company website          
            How the Segway works (@ Segway LLC)        
            How the Segway works (@ Howstuffworks)      
            Self-Balancing Robots          
            Robots built at home          
      from the Soundtrack:          
        "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive          
    Energy (Potential, Kinetic & Work)          
      Simple Machines            
          Levers in Action (trebuchets, etc.)          
            Farmer builds trebuchet the throw cars, pianos      
          How a Block and Tackle works [Howstuffworks]      
          Pulley Advantage (interactive java applet!)          
          Pulley System (interactive java applet!)          
          2-D Pulley System [interactive applet; requires Java2 v1.4.1 plug in (USE WITH CARE)]  
      Tides and Tidal Forces          
        Geometry of the Algol Binary Star System (includes an animation!)      
        Basic Concepts in Physical Oceanography: Tides (LOTS from the US Navy!)      
        Simulation of Kelvin's Tide Predicting Machine (animation!)      
        Earth's Twisty Spacewarp (gravitomagnetism?)          
      Popular Vacation Spots          
        The Prime Meridian (Tourism to Greenwich, England)      
      Orbital Motion (Kepler & Satellites)          
        Orbital Mechanics (great math analysis!)          
  Properties of Matter      
    Elements and Chemistry Fundamentals          
      Periodic Tables              
        Interactive Periodic Table          
        Government Periodic Table          
      Chemistry Demos          
        Chemistry Demos & Links          
      Molecules of Interest          
        Structure of DNA              
        Buildings Index (stats on world buildings)          
        The Mathematical Curve          
          Defintion (Math World)          
          Famous Curves Index: Catenary (diagram, history)      
          Computing with Curves (comp.sci)          
          Minimum Rotation-Surface (interactive graphics)      
        In Arches                  
          Arch Remarks              
          Arch Forces              
          Biological Architecture          
          Build an Arch              
        In Bridges                  
          Bridge Building - Art and Science          
          Catenary Funiculars in Bridge Structure          
          Examples at the Exploritorium          
          Hanging with Galileo (bridges, chains, etc.)          
          The Catenary: A Curve of Low Potential Energy (activity) [bad link?]      
          Statics of a Hanging Chain (geometry, physics, diff.eqns)      
        For Square Wheels            
          Amusing property of Catenary (Java animation)      
          Catenary Road and Square Wheels          
        Popular Catenary Vacations Spots          
          Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain          
          Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Gateway Arch      
          Arch History & Architectural Information          
          Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA (panorama view)      
      Liquids in Chemistry          
        Glossary of Liquids Terminology          
        Water Structure and Behavior (more than you ever thought possible)      
        Buoyancy in Liquids          
      Hydrostatics (water not moving)          
        Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids          
      Spectra of Gas Discharges          
        Spectra of Gas Discharges (beautiful examples!)        
        Optics/Photonics Interactive Tutorials (Lots of stuff!)      
  Heat & Thermodynamics      
    The Realm of The Very Cold          
      Liquid Nitrogen              
        Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration Movies (movies!)          
      from the Soundtrack:          
        "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice          
        Standard Insulating Co. Inc. - Various Insulation Material      
      Air Conditioning            
        How Stuff Works - Air Conditioning (great pictures!)      
        Solar Radiation Definitions (glossary)          
      Terrestrial (from Earth)          
        Annual terrestrial radiation doses in the world (interactive map)      
      from the Soundtrack:          
        "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones          
    Three Laws of Thermodynamics          
      #1: You can't win. (Energy can't be created or destroyed)      
      #2: You can't break even. (No perpetual motion machines)      
      #3: You can't get out of the game. (Entropy/chaos always increases)  
        from the Soundtrack:          
          "Third Rock from the Sun" by Joe Diffee          
    Heat Engines & Heat Pumps          
      Engines (turning heat into work)          
      Pumps (applying work to move heat)          
        How Air Conditioners Work (        
  Waves & Sound      
    Wave Structures              
      Waves in Space (Traveling Waves)          
        APS Resources on Waves          
      Waves in Time (Vibration)          
        Physics Dept, Univ of Edinburgh - Vibrations & Waves Applets      
        Circular Membrane Applet (interactive - wild!)          
        USGS - Recent Earthquakes in California          
      Fourier Analysis              
        Fourier Series Simulation (interactive sound/graphics - cool!)      
        Interference of 2 sources (interactive - very cool!)        
        Micrography / Crystalography          
          Big Picture Book of Viruses          
    Sound in General (phonons)          
        Acoustics and Vibration Animations (animated gifs!)      
        Vibrational Modes of a Circular Membrane (DRUMS!)      
      from the Soundtrack:          
        "Hells Bells" by AC-DC          
  Light & Optics      
    The Electromagnetic Wave Spectrum          
        Microwave Oven FAQs          
    The Speed of Light              
        Measure the Speed of Light with Chocolate and a Microwave      
    Color and the Visual Spectrum          
      Color Mixing                
        Color mixing                
      from the Soundtrack:          
        "Kodachrome Maybelline" by Simon and Garfunkel      
        Optics demos (interactive)          
        The Eye                  
          "Transparent" Cells of the Human Eye Lens (pictures)      
          Corneas and Eye Problems          
    Photon Absorption & Emission          
      Spectra of Gas Discharges          
        Spectra of Gas Discharges (beautiful examples!)        
        Optics/Photonics Interactive Tutorials (Lots of stuff!)      
    Seeing Things Too Small To See          
      Micrography / Crystalography          
        Electron Microscopy [@ Univ of NE at Lincoln]          
        Big Picture Book of Viruses          
  Electricity & Magnetism      
    Electrostatics (charges not moving)          
    Electrodynamics (charges in motion, i.e. current)      
        Semiconductor Applets (interactive!)          
        Review of Magnetism          
      Big Magnets                
        The 20 Tesla "Bitter" Magnet          
        Magnet sets world record          
        The Levitating Frog (pictures and movies!) [Radboud Univ, Nijmegen, Netherlands]  
        "Science" behind the Levitating Frog          
    from the Soundtrack:          
      "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant          
  Atomic & Nuclear      
      Interesting Animated GIFs          
        Astronomy Unbound Clip Art (animated gifs!)          
      Comprehensive Material          
        The Particle Adventure (very nice slide show!)          
        Interactive Particle Chart          
      Popular Vacation Spots          
        Fermi National Accelerator Lab          
    "Modern" Physics (The "New" Atomic Model)      
      Planck's Constant          
        Planck's constant (1899)          
        Planck's constant @ Wolfram's ScienceWorld          
        Planck's constant @ Wikipedia          
      Albert Einstein's Photoelectric Effect          
        Photoelectric Effect (nice explanation) (1905)          
        Photoelectric effect @ Wikipedia          
      Louis de Broglie's wavelength          
        Broglie's wavelength (1924) (explanation & excellent interactive animation!)      
        De Broglie hypothesis @ Wikipedia          
      Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle          
        Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (1927)          
    Atomic (Atoms including Electrons)          
      Elements in General          
        Interactive Periodic Table          
        Government Periodic Table          
        Discovery of the Electron (Amer.Inst. Of Phys)          
        Discovery of the Electron Charge (Oil Drop Experiment)      
        Electron Microscopes          
          Electron Microscopy [Univ of NE at Lincoln]          
          Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) [Univ of NE]      
          Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) [Univ of NE]      
          Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) [Purdue University]      
          Image Sharpness [N.I.S.T.]          
          and Nanometrology (the study of nanometer size things)      
            Electron Microscopes and Nanometrology      
      Excitation of Electrons within Atoms